Two Artists-One Site

The main thing that compels me to paint is my passion to communicate my spirit and intellect in visual form. My painting approach is primarily non-figurative, it has been developed over decades of making art. My process is one of editing by adding and subtracting. I make small and large calligraphic gestural brushwork to create rhythm. Usually I compose pieces beginning with collage and textural elements. I employ both thick and thin paint, with variations of opacity and transparency. I prefer acrylic paint for its plasticity. It allows you to layer the surface without worrying about problems with cracking and adhesion. Because my approach to painting is open ended, I allow myself to arrive in a new place rather than following a formula. Over many years I have developed a personal lexicon of forms, spatial relationships, depths of field, marks and color. My goal is to continue to create Paintings of intellectual, and aesthetic power.

David Noah Giles