Two Artists-One Site

My Painting is rooted in my early life experience, amidst the sights and sounds of New York City. Absorbing the loud rhythmic symphony of the subway and the constant construction and destruction of buildings. Moving through diverse crowds that interplay global cultures. The excited sounds of Jazz, Rock and Latin music permeate my being and to this day I carry these influences within me and express them into my art.

My Non-Figurative Paintings employ a methodology that is determined by past breakthroughs, discoveries and successes. I have developed my own lexicon of calligraphy, broken geometric forms, spatial relationships as well as line and color. 

During the past several years I have added paper collage, sometimes I use a thicker cotton watercolor paper but I also use printed fine art paper from India, Japan and China. I’m looking for pattern and raised carved-like forms that I then partially reveal. My process is a continuation that allows growth. I add elements from infinite possibilities. My aspirations as a painter are to produce new works that convey power, subtlety and beauty.

David Noah Giles